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Award Recipients & Nominations

Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting, held in August each year. All members of the community are invited to attend. This year's Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 16, 2016. Time and location to be announced.

Anyone may nominate a cast or crew member for an award, just fill out a nomination form!

1. Click here to fill out and submit a form online.
2. Click here for a downloadable form that you can either mail in or e-mail to us (.pdf). This form can either be printed and written on, or typed into and printed.

Awards nominations for the 2015/2016 season will be accepted until July 16, 2016.

If you have an issue downloading the nomination form or getting to the online nomination page, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Can't remember the name of the person that you want to nominate, what show they were in or what part they played? Check out our "Who Did What When in 2015/2016" page here!

E-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or mail to
Center Stage Jackson
PO Box 822
Jackson, MI 49204


President’s Award
For service above and beyond the call of duty (chosen and presented by the presiding president).

2015: Katie Meyers
2014: Lucas Meyers
2013: Tony Krupa
2012: Amie Pierce, Ellen Yoakam & Dean Weber
2011: Ken Schluckebier

2010: Doug Meyers
2009: Don Mansfield
2008: Sheri Cicirelli
2007: Middle School at Parkside


Rookie of the Year Award
For outstanding first year CSJ performer or crew member (determined by public nomination and vote of committee).

2015: Susanna Hopper
2014: David Hawkins
2013: Samuel Hickson
2012: Katie Meyers
2011: Bradley Jayne
2010: Tim Brake
2009: No award
2008: Carly Brake
2007: Steven Hug


Youth Award
For outstanding performances by one of our youth participants (determined by public nomination and vote of committee).

2015: Hanna Tritten & Amanda Gregurich
2014: Emma Brugger
2013: Lindsey Cole
2012: Jenna Whisman
2011: Carly Jacobs
2010: Cara Guernsey
2009: Stephanie Pierce
2008: Connor Pierce
2007: Lucas Meyers


Techie Award
For outstanding contributions in the technical area (determined by public nomination and vote of committee).

2015: Harold & LeeAnn Smith
2014: Preston Judd
2013: Chuck Edwards
2012: Wendy Jacobs
2011: Barbara Palmer
2010: R. Dean Weber
2009: Colleen Flynn & Ellen Yoakam
2008: Chris Fultz
2007: Ali Flynn


Hammy Award
For--you guessed it--the “ham” of the year! (determined by public nomination and vote of committee).

2015: Brian Dumont
2014: Steven Owsley
2013: Timm Richardson
2012: Lisa Ykimoff
2011: Todd Lutz

2010: Del Belcher
2009: TR Krupa
2008: Michael Cicirelli
2007: Charles Minder


Ted Wood Award
For one who works tirelessly to keep community theater alive in Jackson, MI. (determined by public nomination and vote of committee, with a special selector: Mike Wood).

2015: Ellen Yoakam
2014: Lisa Cryderman
2013: Gary & Marjy Minix
2012: Doug Meyers
2011: Therese & Richard Fifelski
2010: Matt Davis
2009: Chuck Thor
2008: Denise Weber
2007: Ann Holt

“Community theatre in the Jackson area might never have endured without the dedicated efforts of Ted Wood, and he showed no partiality to any one players’ group. (Clark Lake Players or Jackson Civic Theatre)… He was a tireless worker… And his happy, friendly manner in the box office gave our patrons a warm feeling of welcome.”  – Bill Insley, recipient of the first Ted Wood Award from the Jackson Civic Theatre at Stone Village.


Shining Star Awards
Recognizing contributions of members and others participating in Center Stage Jackson productions and events.

2015: Alyssa Balderman, Cyndi Balderman***, Steve Barrett*, Max Beal, Bob Bullock***, Pam Bullock**, Juli Cram, Chloe Cryderman, Lisa Cryderman, Dan Dye, Chuck Edwards***, Jenna Erbele, Diego Febres-Cordero, Richard Fifelski, Joseph Gerring*, Allyn Granger, David Hawkins, Ella Heavy, Olivia Hines, Jacob Jabkiewicz*, Brittany Judd, Joshua Judd, Lynne Judd*, Preston Judd, Karen Kidder-Barrett*, Phil Kolis, Wendy Lake, Emma Maki, Melissa McElhone*, Doug Meyers****, Abbigail Nelson, Becky Onnen*, Steven Owsley, Melissa Paschall, Jayce Pauken, Mark Sanders, Sarah Sanders, Serenity Sanders***, Darrin Tritten, Jeremiah Tritten, Sid Varland, and Andrea Wynn.

2014: Kylee Arnold, Cyndi Baldermann**, Samanthan Baldwin, Kent Brugger, Bob and Pam Bullock**, Bruce Crews, Emily Crews, Brian Dumont, Chuck Edwards***, Joseph Gerring, Amanda Gregurich, Randy Guernsey, Jacob Jabkiewicz, Lynne Judd, Karen Kidder-Barrett, Julie Klee**, Samantha Markham, Maggie Mauer, Victor McDermott, Brady McElhone, Bryan McElhone, Melissa McElhone, Doug Meyers, Katie Meyers, Steve Murphy**, Kelly North, Becky Onnen, Mike Reed, KJ Rowan, Serenity Sanders**, Harold & LeeAnn Smith, Lauren Sosinski, Victoria Sosinski, R. Dean Weber**, Jason Weber Boling, Ellen Yoakam**.

2013: Ava Baldermann, Cyndi Baldermann, Bob Bullock***, Pam Bullock, Ellen Cole**, Toney Delgado, Pam Hill**, The Horsfall Family, Alaina Kerr, Khyra Kimble, Don Mansfield**, Victor McDermott, Katie Meyers, Diane Neely, Shawnee Padgett, Larry Sumner, Leslie Wireman, and Ian Wrzesinski.

2012: Heather Albee-Scott, Steve Barrett, Leslie Bradley, Ellen Cole**, Amanda Dahlin, Chuck Edwards**, Randy Guernsey**, Elliott Hitt, Betsy King Steinert**, Todd Lutz, Don Mansfield**, Ginger McNetton, Susan Murphy, Margie Pelkey, Larry Shaltis**, Jeremy Steinert, Sandy Sykes** and Jessica Warring.

2011: Samantha Baldwin**, Bethany Belcher**, Tony Boling, Bob Bullock**, Ellen Cole**, Lindsey Cole**, Kent Cushman**, Thelma Denney, Cole Dillon, Chuck Edwards, Colleen Flynn**, Daniel Kavka, Julie Klee**, TR Krupa**, Chip Mezo**, Chris Mezo**, Gary Minix**, Lucas Meyers**, Amie Pierce**, Kristi Tilford, R. Dean Weber**, Sarah Weber**, Ellen Yoakam**.

2010: Marc Babcock, Samantha Baldwin**, Bethany Belcher, Carly Brake, Bob Bullock, Bailey Chamberlain, Ellen Cole**, Kelsey Cummings, Susan DeMinico, Evan Denney, Cole Dillon, Derek Elhmann, James Ellis, Ann Green, Donna Guernsey**, Randy Guernsey, Victoria Hood, Scott Hutchins, Rod Jacobs, Betsy King & Maggie, TR Krupa, Steven Lee**, Amanda Mahoney*, Chip Mezo, McKim Family, Don Mansfield, Martha Mansfield, Stephanie Pierce, Timm Richardson, Macie Richmond, Ken Schluckebier**, Larry Shaltis**,Kelly Skarritt, Kory Trombley, Sarah Weber**, Ellen Yoakam**.

2009: Jason Arkles, Samantha Baldwin, Trisha Barrett, Carly Brake, Carol Brake**, Ellen Cole, Lindsey Cole, Jake Cornwell, Kent Cushman, Matt Davis, Cara Guernsey, Donna Guernsey**, Jen Ann Guy, Steven Lee, Christina McKim, Amanda Mahoney**, Doug Meyers**, Karen Meyers, Gary Minix, Xavier Norton, Amie Pierce**, Serenity Sanders, Dustin Schonhard, Larry Shaltis, Sarah Weber**, Sherra Zuck.

2008: Carol Brake, Steve Dietrich, Keith Drayton, Joann Raubeck Drayton, Alexandria Flynn, Colleen Flynn, David Fuller, Mahalia Gibson, Pam Hill, Tracey Jeske, Julie Klee, Keegan Ladwig**, Amanda Mahoney**, Doug Meyers**, Dr. Stephen Murphy, Josh Rennell, Kyle Sykes, Ken Schluckebier, Chuck Thor, Jeremiah Weaver, Sarah Weber, R. Dean Weber**, Adam Woolsey, Ellen Yoakam**.

2007: Brian Barto, Myken Breedlove, Sheri Cicirelli, Courtney Collis, Bob DeMinico, Ruth Flynn, Tom Foley, lidija Fremeau, Donna Guernsey, Mary Hug, Thomas Hutt, Karen Krupa, Tony Krupa, Denise Krzescicki, Keegan Ladwig, Amanda Mahoney, Donald Mansfield, Doug Meyers, Nancy Osterhaus, Amie Pierce, Sandy Sykes, Allen Tuttle, Francesca Vitale, R. Dean Weber, and Ellen Yoakam.


 *Has previously won this award