You can buy tickets to nearly all of our events securely with credit/debit/PayPal online by clicking here.
For Main Stage Musicals and the Youth Singing Competition, you can also purchase tickets at the door with cash, credit, or debit.

For Youth Theater, tickets can only be purchased at the door with cash.

For Dinner Theatre or Dinner Cabaret, tickets can only be purchased ahead of time with credit or debit. No tickets will be available at the venue, as the kitchen must prepare the meals ahead of time. You can purchase Dinner Theater or Dinner Cabaret tickets online or over the phone by calling (517) 539-4118 and leaving a message. There is no additional charge for purchasing online vs. over the phone.

Occasionally a publishing house (the owner of a play or musical) will allow a performance to be video recorded. However, our contracts with each Publishing House and each play vary from show to show. If we are allowed to purchase the ability to video a performance, we will do so and make copies available to cast and crew, according to contract. However, this is not the norm, and contract violation can mean not only legal and financial penalties to the organization, it can mean that we are no longer allowed to perform shows owned by that publishing house. If you are unsure about a specific production, please contact us at or (517) 539-4118.

Absolutely! We have a Youth Theater program that is specifically for 3rd through 9th graders that puts on two productions per year, one smaller play and one larger musical. Your youth doesn’t have to have any experience to participate, it’s a hands-on learning experience! Learn more about that program here.

Depending on the show, there may also be opportunities for youth to be in our Main Stage musicals. Some musicals (like Shrek) have roles for children, while some musicals (like My Fair Lady) do not have any roles for youth at all. You’ll want to check our Auditions page for details. We try to even out our musical selections over time so that all different demographics have an opportunity to participate, so if there isn’t a role for you or your youth this year, there’s a good chance there will be next year!

Center Stage Jackson does not own a theatre at this time. Instead, we utilize different community venues for each of our productions. Some of these venues include Jackson College’s Potter Center, the Sandhill Crane Vineyards, The Middle School at Parkside, Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church, Weatherwax Hall at the Jackson Symphony Orchestra, and Jackson School of the Arts’ Ensemble Theatre at Art 634.

If you are looking for our mailing address, it is:

Center Stage Jackson
P.O. Box 822
Jackson, MI 49204

Center Stage Jackson is not a pay to play group. Anyone may participate! Typically, the only cost may be a $20 makeup kit.

No, Center Stage Jackson is a Community Theatre group. Our actors participate on a volunteer basis only.

Unfortunately we do not have any programs for children younger than 3rd grade. You may want to try the Jackson School of the Arts!

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