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Center Stage Jackson recently teamed up with the Jackson District Library to present virtual recordings of Old Time Radio Shows. We are grateful for the opportunity to present these shows in a safe manner! These recordings will be available for a limited time, so watch them while you can! Click the links below to check them out!

  • Register to watch “The Whole Town’s Sleeping”
    One performance only on December 13 from 4:51-5:30pm

    Registration required, limit of 50 tickets available.
    Zoom link will be emailed to participants prior to the performance.
    39 minutes
    Written by Ray Bradbury. “The woman lay as if she had floated there, her face moonlit, her eyes wide and like flint, her tongue sticking from her mouth.” This is how Francine and Lavinia find one of “The Lonely One’s” victims on their way to a movie … and the story only gets more suspenseful from there!
    Featuring Kurt Snyder (Narrator), Denise Weber (Lavinia), Sandy DiCesare (Francine), Elissa Alden (Mrs. Hanlon), Chuck Thor (Detective), Dean Weber (Druggist), Cate Robarts (Helen), and Doug Meyers (Officer). Direction by Ann Green with Sound Effects by Julie Klee.
  • “Success Story”
    **No longer available**
    22 minutes
    Originally sponsored by Campbell’s Tomato Juice and airing in May 1940, Success Story tells of a casual conversation in a New York casting office that brings back memories of an old romance.
    Success Story features Elissa Alden (Bernice), Doug Meyers (Burton), Ann Green (Jean), Chuck Thor (Larocque), and Lynn Hightower (Announcer). Direction by Ann Green and Sound Effects by Julie Klee.

  • “The Bickersons: John’s Will”
    **No longer available**
    15 minutes
    Written by Phillip Rapp and airing May 1947, John and Blanche were the “Battling Bickersons” — a comedy with a one-joke premise, but an infinite number of clever variations. Many situation comedy shows, from “The Honeymooners” to “Married With Children” owe a great debt to John and Blanche’s nightly battles.
    Featuring Deon Ojan (John), Sandy DiCesare (Blanche), Chuck Thor (Amos), and Lynn Hightower (Announcer). Direction by Ann Green with Sound Effects by Julie Klee.

Concluded Performances & Auditions

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