Dates & Times

January 2021
Dates to be announced

Actors only need to attend one audition. Auditions start promptly at 4:30pm.

Audition Location

Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church
743 W. Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI 49201
Please park behind the church and follow the signs to the southwest door.

Production Team

To be announced.

Any persons interested in directing with our Youth Theater program should contact Youth Theater committee chair Doug Meyers at [email protected]

About this Play

Come hear the incredible tale of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves.  With the help of his friends — the bear Baloo, the panther Bagheera and the python Kaa — Mowgli learns the ways of the jungle. Some of the jungle boy’s adventures are gripping, like the time he encounters the hooded cobra who guards the treasure vault in the Deserted City. Others, like the coconut-tossing monkeys who take him prisoner, are hysterical. But the jungle is also dangerous, for it is the home of Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger who has vowed to destroy Mowgli. With his fawning jackal follower, Shere Khan plots to take control of the jungle. Mowgli must use all his strength and courage to stop Shere Khan before it is too late.


March 2021, dates to be announced
Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm
The Middle School at Parkside Kiesel Auditorium
2400 4th St, Jackson, MI 49203

This production calls for…

Center Stage Jackson’s Youth Theater program is for Jackson County students that are in 3rd through 9th grade (no exceptions). See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info about the Youth Theater program.

What actors should prepare for auditions

No preparation necessary. Newbies welcome!

What actors can expect at auditions

Actors will do short vocal and dance auditions (no prep needed) as well as a cold reading from the script with other actors.

A “cold reading” means reading from a script without being able to practice it beforehand. Please note that the production team will not have actors read for every character (or even the character the actor might want to play). The purpose of the reading is to find out how much volume and expression the actor can read with, as well as how they adjust to direction.

Character List – TRIO

  • Mowgli: Jungle boy.
  • Nyra: An old lady, storyteller.
  • Chitra: Woman of the village.
  • Rikki-Tikki: Mongoose.
  • Baloo: Kindly bear.
  • Bagheera: Panther.
  • Father Wolf: Leads the pack.
  • Mother Wolf: Father wolf’s mate.
  • Tabaqui: Jackal.
  • Kaa: Python.
  • Mang: Bat.
  • Mor: Peacock.
  • Wolf #1: Runs in a pack.
  • Wolf #2: Runs in a pack.
  • Wolf #3: Runs in a pack.
  • King Monkey: Silly simian.
  • Monkey #1: Another silly simian.
  • Monkey #2: Another silly simian.
  • Shere Khan: Fierce and villainous tiger.
  • Messua: Mowgli’s mother.
  • Toomai: Village elder.
  • Cobra: Guardian of the great treasure.

Jungle Creatures

Rough Rehearsal Schedule

To be announced, 4:30pm-6:00pm at Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church.

“Tech week” rehearsals will be held from 5:30pm-9:00pm. Performances will be held at the Middle School at Parkside, 2400 4th St, Jackson, MI 49203.


Youth Theater Committee Chair Doug Meyers at [email protected] or 517-539-4118.