No Strings Attached – Youth Musical

Dates & Times

To be announced.

Audition Location

Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church
743 W. Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI 49201
Please park behind the church and follow the signs to the southwest door.


Melissa McElhone

About this Play

When Carl, a teenager, wants to run away from home, he applies for a job with the mysterious Professor Pinecone and his traveling magical marionette puppet show. He quickly discovers, however, that the position comes with all kinds of strings attached. In this play-within-a-play, Carl becomes Pinocchio and improvises his way through the story, meeting some familiar characters — including a cricket with an attitude, the devious fox and cat and the memorable Blues Fairy — as well as some new ones. With the help of this eclectic cast, Carl stumbles upon life’s lessons as he’s forced to make important decisions.


March 2020, dates to be announced
Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm
The Middle School at Parkside Kiesel Auditorium
2400 4th St, Jackson, MI 49203

This production calls for…

Center Stage Jackson’s Youth Theater program is for Jackson County students that are in 3rd through 9th grade (no exceptions). See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info about the Youth Theater program.

What actors should expect at auditions

Actors will do short vocal and dance auditions (no prep needed) as well as a cold reading from the script with other actors.

A “cold reading” means reading from a script without seeing it or being able to practice it beforehand. Please note that the production team will not have actors read for every character (or even the character the actor might want to play). The purpose of the reading is to find out how much volume and expression the actor can read with, as well as how they adjust to direction.

What actors should prepare for auditions

No preparation necessary. Newbies welcome!

Character List – TRIO

  • Professor: Puppet master.
  • Madame Azure: Crotechety hag with blue hair.
  • Carl/Pinocchio: Reckless teenage boy.
  • Geppetto: Kind, elderly man.
  • Cricket: Conscientious bug.
  • Fox: Wily canine.
  • Cat: Fickle feline.
  • Motel Owner: Lacks hospitality.
  • Motel Owner’s Wife: Allergic to pets.
  • Sparky: Fire sprite.
  • Peg: Wily woodpecker.
  • Paul: Lumberjack with an ax to grind.
  • Upholsterer: Chair carrier.
  • Rug Rat: Carpet whacker.
  • Blues Fairy: Magical matron with blue hair.
  • Mary Annette: Wise and caring girl.
  • Dipstick: Magnet for trouble.
  • Driver: Cruel taskmaster.
  • Donna: Donkey.
  • Fannie Oakleaf: Owns a Wild West Show.
  • Trina: Ballerina and choreographer.
  • Tina Tuna: Plucky chicken of the sea.
  • Chorus of Magical Marionettes and Townspeople
  • Bug Chorus
  • Villagers
  • Backup Singers
  • Students
  • Revelers/Donkeys
  • Tuna Fish

Rough Rehearsal Schedule

To be announced.

All rehearsals will be held at Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church, 743 W. Michigan Ave. Jackson, MI 49202. Performances will be held at the Middle School at Parkside, 2400 4th St, Jackson, MI 49203.


Youth Theater Committee Chair Doug Meyers at or 517-539-4118.