At Center Stage Jackson we’re always looking for people to help out with a variety of tasks. If performing isn’t your forte, there are several areas in which you can put your skills to use!


Culver’s Night Volunteer

Culver’s Restaurant is teaming up with Center Stage Jackson to help raise funds for our 2018/19 Season! On the 3rd Thursday of each month from 4pm to 8pm, anyone who places an order inside or in the drive thru will have a portion of their bill donated to Center Stage Jackson. We are in need of volunteers to donate an hour of their time to “run” food from the counter to the customers at their table or car (no actual running required). We need to have 4 volunteers delivering trays in the period of 4pm-8pm in order to secure these funds from Culver’s. Please contact Daniel Dye at with any questions.

Sign up to be a Culver’s Night Volunteer here:

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Board of Directors

You do not have to be interested in being on-stage or back-stage in order to be on the board of directors, as we are always in need of those talented in business, organizational development, marketing and more to help keep this non-profit running smoothly. We are looking for dedicated people passionate about bringing theater to the Jackson community, with a variety of backgrounds and talents. Do you know someone that fits this description?  Feel free to send this info to them and suggest that they contact us for more information about our needs in the upcoming season! If you or someone you know would like to help Center Stage Jackson in its mission of cultivating, advancing and promoting the appreciation of dramatic arts in the Jackson community, contact Katie Meyers at


Committee Member

There are a lot of tasks that need to be done during the year that keep the organization running but aren’t directly related to putting on a show–and committees are the best place to go to help get that work done! Membership is not required to be on a committee. Center Stage Jackson committees include (but are not limited to):

  • Production Committee (Chair: Brynn Arnall)
  • Marketing Committee (Chair: Daniel Dye)
  • Sponsorship Committee (Chair: Susanna Hopper)
  • Membership Committee (Chair: Veronica Long)
  • Play Selection Committee (Chair: Susanna Hopper)
  • Youth Theater Committee (Chair: Doug Meyers)
  • Readers Theatre Committee (Chair: Chuck Thor)
  • Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony Committee (Chair: Mandee Howard)
  • Scholarship Committee (Chair: Chuck Thor)
  • Governance & Development Committee (Chair: Nate Baldermann)
  • Finance Committee (Chair: Nate Baldermann)


Pit Orchestra

Pit orchestra musicians may be called to rehearsals weekly before tech week, and every night during tech week. If you are interested in playing in the orchestra for the next musical or event, let us know by filling out this form!


Set Construction & Painting

Our performers don’t look nearly as good on a bare stage as they would with a nice set. As set construction crew you’ll learn how sets come together from concept to reality. Help is needed with building, repairing, painting, and tearing down sets after a show has finished. Experience with construction is a plus but not 100% necessary. Power tools are used for some jobs.


Lighting & Sound Technicians

Training will be provided.  This a bit of a time commitment position as you need to be available for tech week and weekend and for all of the performances. You’ll learn under a seasoned tech until you’re comfortable running a show yourself! These are paid positions.


Props Master

Probably one of the most fun and creative positions backstage. You’ll be required to have a good working knowledge of the show. Anything that is not worn or nailed down is considered a prop. Acquiring them is the fun part. Sometimes making them is the most rewarding. You’ll be required for tech week and all of the performances. This is a paid position.



As a stage hand you could be asked to do a variety of things like making sure certain set pieces get placed on stage correctly, or working with the props master to ensure props are where they need to be. This is how the magic happens backstage.


Stage Manager

As stage manager you’ll work closely with the director taking notes, cuing lines, and making sure everyone is safe. As stage manager you act as liaison between the director and the technical crew. Your first time out you’ll shadow a seasoned stage manager. This is a paid position.


Technical Director

Responsible for all things tech, including but not limited to: supervising and being involved in building, light hanging, rigging, spotlights, and working closely to solve problems as they arise. This position requires a large time commitment. This is a paid position.



This is a great volunteer position if you don’t have a lot of time to commit. Help patrons find a seat and pass out programs. Plus you see the show for free!