Youth Theater is for 3rd-9th graders in Jackson County. Youth are taught about nearly all aspects of a production, from auditioning, blocking, learning to show emotion on stage, applying stage makeup, and more. No experience is necessary! Youth Theater is a great way for youth to learn basic theater skills before trying high school or Main Stage productions.

Two Youth Theater productions are put on each season: One play in November (with auditions in September), and a musical in March (auditions in January). Each production does three performances. See below for info on this Season’s productions, and to check out our Youth Theater Frequently Asked Question page!

The Enchanted Bookshop

November 2021
Dates to be determined

Youth Theater Play at Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church

During the day, A Likely Story may look like any other used bookstore. But at night, it’s a place where magic happens. That’s when the characters inside the books come alive! Six of those characters — Dorothy Gale, Robin Hood, Pollyanna, Sherlock Holmes, Heidi, and Tom Sawyer — long to help Margie, the scatterbrained owner, save her struggling store. But they’re not allowed to leave the building or be seen by human eyes. So when a pair of smugglers comes looking for a stolen necklace hidden inside one of the books, the characters are torn. Should they warn Margie and risk disappearing forever? Or can they find a way to defeat the crooks without being seen? Featuring additional appearances by such beloved literary characters as the Queen of Hearts, Long John Silver, and Doctor Dolittle, this charming comedy celebrates the joy of reading in a fresh, fun-filled way.

Auditions are to be held in August/September 2021. Check out our Auditions Page or sign up for our email list to get Audition announcements throughout the year.

Learn more about The Enchanted Bookshop…

Jungle Book

March 2022
Dates to be determined

Youth Theater Musical at The Middle School at Parkside’s Kiesel Auditorium

Come hear the incredible tale of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves.  With the help of his friends — the bear Baloo, the panther Bagheera and the python Kaa — Mowgli learns the ways of the jungle. Some of the jungle boy’s adventures are gripping, like the time he encounters the hooded cobra who guards the treasure vault in the Deserted City. Others, like the coconut-tossing monkeys who take him prisoner, are hysterical. But the jungle is also dangerous, for it is the home of Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger who has vowed to destroy Mowgli. With his fawning jackal follower, Shere Khan plots to take control of the jungle. Mowgli must use all his strength and courage to stop Shere Khan before it is too late.

Auditions are to be held in January 2022. Check out our Auditions Page or sign up for our email list to get Audition announcements throughout the year.

Learn more about Jungle Book

CSJ Youth Theater is open to all Jackson County youth in third through ninth grades.

Unfortunately we do not have any programs for children younger than 3rd grade. You may want to try the Jackson School of the Arts!

There is no cost to participate in Youth Theater, however, first time participants will be required to purchase a makeup kit (around $20) that can be used in subsequent shows. We conduct a seminar in basic makeup techniques about a week before the show opens. There is usually a t-shirt produced for each show that is available for purchase (about $9) and DVDs of the show are also available (about $11) but these items are strictly optional. Joining Center Stage Jackson is not required, but you are most welcome to do so! Learn more about membership.

No experience is necessary! Our mission is to educate youths in theater.

We typically have a play in November and a musical in March. Auditions are usually in mid-September for the play and early January for the musical.

You can check the Center Stage Jackson website about a month before auditions for dates, times and locations. Auditions for the fall play are usually in mid-September. Auditions for the musical are typically in early January. You can also sign up for email notifications of upcoming auditions.

No preparation is necessary. For plays, you will be asked to read from the script. For musicals, you will be asked to read from the script and sing a few bars from a well known song (think “Happy Birthday” or “Jingle Bells”). The show will be cast based on these auditions.

For plays, the director is looking for youth with who are loud enough to be heard at the back of the audience without yelling and who can read with some feeling and/or emotion. For musicals, the above applies, as well as musical pitch, volume and phrasing. Of course, the director is also looking to fill specific roles and young people who “look the part” for a role may have an advantage.

No.  You need attend only one audition.

We are typically limited in the number of youth we can cast in a play by the number of roles available. Usually, this means that some young people who audition will not be cast. Do not be discouraged by this! There are many reasons why good, young actors and actresses don’t get cast. Try again and you will have a better chance of making the cut next time. If you did not make the cast list for the fall play, please consider auditioning for the spring musical, which can accommodate many more actors! Auditions for the spring musical are typically in January.

Musicals typically have a chorus and we try to cast everyone who auditions. Don’t be discouraged if you are “only” cast in the chorus. The chorus is an important part of any musical. Do a good job, “learn the ropes”, impress the director, and you will have an excellent chance at a speaking role next time!

Cast lists are sent out via email by the end of the weekend following the last audition date. Most  communication to the cast is done via email. If you auditioned but did not receive an email, we may not have been able to read your email address on your audition form! In this case, check the Center Stage Jackson website for cast announcements. 

Plays usually rehearse two days per week from 4:30pm until 6:00pm (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday).
Musicals will usually rehearse three to four days per week from 4:30pm until 6:00pm.  The director determines which days rehearsals will be held.
Actors with larger roles will be scheduled for most rehearsals. Actors with smaller roles will typically have some days off early in the rehearsal process. As the performance dates approach, every actor will be required to attend every rehearsal. During production week (the week directly before the show opens), rehearsals are held every day from 6:00pm until roughly 9:00pm.

The director will usually work around minor conflicts and it is easier to do this earlier in the rehearsal schedule. The closer we get to the performance dates, the more important it is to not miss rehearsals. If you have a concern, speak with the director at or shortly after auditions.

If you are too sick to go to school, we typically don’t want you at rehearsal. Contact the director or stage manager as soon as you can if you know you will miss a rehearsal.

Currently the fall plays are rehearsed and performed at Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church, 743 W. Michigan Avenue in Jackson.  

Spring musicals are performed at the Middle School at Parkside, 2400 4th St, in Jackson. Rehearsals typically start out at Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church before moving the the Middle School at Parkside.

All auditions take place at Jackson’s First Presbyterian Church, 743 W. Michigan Ave. in Jackson.

Plays are usually performed for one weekend in late November. Performances are held Friday night at 7:00, Saturday night at 7:00 and a Sunday matinee at 2:00.  

Musicals are usually performed for one weekend in late March. Performances are held Friday night at 7:00, Saturday night at 7:00 and a Sunday matinee at 2:00.  

The CSJ Youth Theater typically has allowed videotaping when the Publishing House allows us to do so. Check with the director prior to attempting to videotape.

Though we would love to perform for free, we do have to charge admission in order to cover the costs of putting on a show.

Ticket Prices for Youth Theater Plays
$4 per adult/senior/student
$3 per child age 12 and under  

Ticket Prices for Youth Theater Musicals
$6 per adult/senior/student
$4 per child age 12 and under

Tickets can be purchased at the door only, with cash only (sorry, no credit cards).

Parents of cast members can get a parent pass that will allow them to attend all performances for the cost of one ticket. See your director or producer for details.

We do not offer any acting classes. Our philosophy is to learn by doing. The best way to learn about theater is to be in a show!

Contact the chairman of the Youth Theater Committee, Doug Meyers, at (517) 783-1468.

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